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The Studium at Northfield School

Studium Convocation

Mondays – Wednesdays

From the Latin words con (“with”) + vocare (“to call) Studium has maintained the Northfield school tradition of “coming together” in the mornings and learning as one body. On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays the students and faculty of Studium are continuing to “come together” in person to interact with and learn from great teachers and discuss great ideas.

Our 2022-2023 Series:

On Mondays, the students work together in groups for InterpreTuesday. Each month has a theme picked out from the Great Ideas. The students are tasked with working together to reinterpret a quote about that Great Idea (whether it be ancient, Biblical, modern, or present-day) and fashioning it into an artform to be presented to their fellow students. Whether it be art, song, poem, photo essay, tableau vivant, etc., the students get to work together to investigate and converse about meaning and then demonstrate their findings to one another.

On Tuesdays, Mr. Lutke leads the students in a series titled “History in the Making” where he covers current events around the globe, giving context to the issues and events.

On Wednesdays, Mr. Sturgill calls the students to higher thoughts as he weaves through what the ancients thought about philosophy, cosmology, education, and even poetry!

On Thursdays, Mr. Overholt teaches about scientific topics, questions and applied science.  Topics have included: this history of electricity, how we learned about gravity, and choices in personal nutrition!

On Fridays, Mrs. Gilstrap leads the students in all-school choir.  The students learn and sing various choral pieces and traditional songs.

Our 2023-2024 Series: (draft)

MondaysMr. Lutke – History series 

TuesdaysMr. Overholt – scientific topics, questions and applied science. 

Wednesdays, Mr. Sturgill – thoughts, musings and discussions about philosophy, cosmology, education, and even poetry!

Thursdays,  Mr. Lutke and various teachers – Great Books and Great Ideas readings.

Fridays, Guest Speakers