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The Studium at Northfield School

Stay in the Know


Updated August 9, 2023

Upcoming Events

School Work Days, Thurs 8/17 and Sat 8/19

  • Our annual “help the school buildings out” days are coming up!  Thursday 8/17 and Saturday 8/19 we would love to have everyone who has some time, muscles and or/tools can help lend a hand for various inside and outside projects around the campus.  This is for PARENTS and STUDENTS to volunteer for: we will make use of all hands!

  • A list of projects will be compiled that we will have ready to be tackled.  Notice for some of these projects will go out in an email so that tools can be brought.  

  • Please consider spending a few hours or even a whole day with us as we clean up, set up, weed, repair, reorganize, update, and generally freshen up.


Back To School Pool (Beach) Party!  8/22 5:30-9:30pm

  • Our annual back-to-school event again is a pool (beach) party!  We will be returning to Brightwater Bay venue for our get together, meet and greet, swimming, food and fun.  Here are the details:
  • Tuesday 8/22  from 5:30-9:30
  • Brightwater Bay                 4900 W 31st St S, Wichita
  • We will send out more information and a SignupGenius so we can get a head count.   Like last year we will probably ask for contributions to help defray some of the cost of the place. 


School is set to begin on August 29th at 8:00am!

All re-enrolled students should report to Orientation Week for our 3-day return.  We will be meeting Tuesday 8/29 and conclude Thursday 8/31, 8am-3pm each day.

Friends and WSU Tech students should report to those courses beginning 8/21.

September classes will begin on TUESDAY, 9/5 as we will be off for Labor Day

Class Schedule and Supplies


ALL Latin students
  • $5 to help cover the cost of replacement Latin books
Grammar – 6/7
  • AM Class – Science: Botany (Wagner)
  • PM Class – Lit/Comp
Logic – 8/9
  • AM Class – Science (Overholt)
  • PM Class – Lit/Comp 1: Midsummer Night’s Dream (Hein)
Rhetoric – 10/11
  • AM Class – Lit/Comp: Technolopoly (J. Sturgill)
  • PM Class – Supplemental (Overholt)
Capstone – 11/12
  • PM Class – History (Lutke)


Grammar – 6/7
  • AM Class – Lit/Comp (C. Lutke)
  • PM Class – Geography (Eastley)
Logic – 8/9
  • AM Class – Lit/Comp: King Lear (J. Sturgill)
  • PM Class – Molecular Chemistry (Overholt)
Rhetoric – 10/11
  • AM Class –    (L. Gilstrap)
  • PM Class – Lit/Comp 
Capstone – 11/12
  • PM Class – Science (Overholt)