The Studium at Northfield School

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Updated April 17, 2023

Upcoming Events

Showcase! April 28th

  • Weather-permitting, this event will be on campus behind Hull House in the evening
  • Students will show off their talents to the community

April Interim is Tuesday through Friday, April 25th-28th

  • The Students will have options to choose from, including
    • Yearbook Design (Eastley)
    • Medieval Art & Origami of Japan (J. Sturgill)
    • How to Build a Garden (Lutke)
    • STEM opportunities (Overholt)


Tardiness and Oxford Thursday

Many students have been habitually late to Convocation at 8am.  Please do your best to encourage our students to abide by our Rule #3: Be On Time.

As well, the level of decorum has fallen on many recent Thursdays and the “forgetfulness” that it is Thursday has seemed to be on the rise.  Please help remind your students to wear Oxford attire on Thursday mornings.

Class Schedule and Supplies


Grammar – 6/7
  • AM Class – History: Medieval Art & Architecture (Kotrba)
  • PM Class – Great Books (Hein)
Logic – 8/9
  • AM Class – Geography (Eastley)
  • PM Class – Science: Chemistry (Overholt)
Rhetoric – 10/11
  • AM Class – Music (M. Gilstrap)
  • PM Class – History of Economics (Lutke)
Capstone – 11/12
  • PM Class – History of Economics (Lutke)


Grammar – 6/7
  • AM Class – Science: Oceans (Wagner)
  • PM Class – History: Industrial Revolution (Hein)
Logic – 8/9
  • AM Class – Lit/Comp: King Lear (J. Sturgill)
  • PM Class – Molecular Chemistry (Overholt)
Rhetoric – 10/11
  • AM Class – Modern American Poetry (L. Gilstrap)
    • Students will need to purchase a copy of Mary Oliver’s A Poetry Handbook ISBN  9780156724005
    • (Please contact Mr. Lutke if this is a hardship)
  • PM Class – Writing (R. Sturgill)
Capstone – 11/12