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The Studium at Northfield School


Dear Prospective Studium Family:

We are thankful for your interest in the admission of a student to Studium at Northfield. Although Northfield, as an educational non-profit, provides a safe and functioning community environment and infrastructure for all the students of all its cohorts; admission to Studium consists of a process specific to and conducted by Studium which culminates in a contract directly with Studium to facilitate the best possible and most consensual experience for all parties.

To begin the admission process, please print and complete one of the following:

then physically mail or deliver it to Studium at Northfield School, 1813 W. University, Wichita, KS 67213. Please direct any questions about the application process to

Full-time students only:

If class space is available, an interview will be scheduled as soon as possible for each applicant after which the application AND interview results will be considered by the Studium faculty.

Application process steps:

  • Complete and sign a separate Admission Application [Pages 1-2] for each child.

  • Secure the Requested Records [Page 2] for each child.

  • Complete and sign the NSC Participation Agreement [Pages 3-4].

  • Include a financial aid request form if desired [Page 5] .

  • Mail or deliver all pages and Requested Records to Studium at 1813 W. University, Wichita, KS 67213.

Requested Records:

  • A brief history of this child’s educational journey to date noting any special educational events that were encountered along the way.

  • Copies of available records of this child’s grades, transcripts and standardized test results, and teacher/school evaluations including individual learning plans (these will NOT be returned unless you explicitly request their return).

  • A brief statement of what you hope to accomplish by enrolling this child at Studium and how long you intend for this child to remain at our school.

  • A list of 2 or 3 references who can give us insight into this child, and his or her educational journey.

  • A completed immunization form for this child. All relevant Kansas forms can be secured online at

  • One or more examples of this child’s expository or creative writing or poetry done as an assignment or voluntarily as a topic of interest to them.