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The Studium at Northfield School

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About Us


A place to

Studium at Northfield School connects the past with the present.  Our approach to the Liberal Arts takes the best of what Northfield School has been and builds upon it in new ways. The Trivium skills of Grammar, Logic & Rhetoric are emphasized in the classroom as our team of talented faculty develop these tools of learning through their subjects.

We are small in our class sizes, emphasize community and conversation, and are intentionally low-tech so that we are fully present and fully engaged with one another. Our “grades” are grouped as Grammar School (6/7), Logic (8/9), and Rhetoric (10/11), with a Capstone, or graduate year (12), and our courses and curriculum are meant to develop the Liberal Artist: the equipped and truly free-thinking individual. Studium students gain the tools of learning through core courses in History, Literature & Composition, Natural Philosophy & Science, but have them further developed in rotating supplemental courses such as Geography, Great Books, Logic & Logical Fallacies, Music, Philosophy, and Poetry. Students also regularly participate in morning all-school Convocation, Math classes at their level, and receive Latin instruction.

An Exciting Start

Our Beginning

Studium grew organically out of Northfield School during the first COVID wave in late 2020 that disrupted the then normal routines of education. The liberal arts strands of Northfield’s DNA were carried forward … but with a necessary twist that elevated our members above the “administration” and the “grade/course” divisions which regimented the organic one-room community school.

important things you should know

Questions And Answers

Do you follow the USD 259 calendar?

We do not strictly follow the USD 259 calendar.  Our major breaks do mostly coincide, but our school year begins in early September and ends in mid-May, and we differ on several holidays or days off.  Please see our calendar page for a yearly and monthly calendar.

What curriculum do you use?

Our curriculum is based on the what the Ancients described as the tools of human learning – the Liberal Arts.  We study the Great Books of Western Civilization and the Great Conversation of written works – starting with the Bible, the Greeks and Romans, the Medieval and Modern eras.

Is this a Christian School?

The Bible and prayer play an important role in our identity as a school, but the liberal arts and the Great Books focus on developing lifelong tools of learning and understanding differing voices and opinions in the conversation.  And as such we welcome students willing to come join with us in the Great Conversation.

Can a student attend part-time?

We welcome homeschool and part-time students looking to take classes that interest them.  Class sizes are limited, so please see our class schedule for classes you may be interested in attending, and fill out a part-time student form to reserve a place. 

Do students wear uniforms?

We do not have specific uniforms, but our dress code is summed up in our Rule #4 of the school: Be modest in word, deed and appearance.  We ask that students wear modest attire and encourage community and responsibility to one another.  However, every Thursday (except for Interim week) we pay homage to the traditions of academia past, and students are required to dress up for Oxford Thursdays in semi-formal wear: boys in dress shirt and tie; girls in dressy casual.

How much is tuition?

Yearly full-time tuition for 2023-2024 is $6,000. Payments are due at the beginning of the month.  For part-time students, classes are $325 for each course for 32 hours of instruction (a quarter of a year’s worth of credit).

Some scholarship opportunities are available for families in need.  Please contact administration to schedule a discussion about this if you would like to request financial help.

Is there a school cafeteria?

As our school is in a Victorian house, we do not have a cafeteria and students bring their own lunches.  Our kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator, microwave and small convection oven, as well as dishes, cups and silverware.  

Can I donate to the school?

Studium at Northfield School, LLC is an independent school, and relies primarily on tuition for its income.  Any donations are appreciated, and we are grateful for your generosity!  Please contact administration if you would like to support our mission to students: “Let them be born in wonder.”